70-647 Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator
  • Planning network and application services
  • Plan for name resolution and IP addressing. internal and external naming strategy, naming resolution support for legacy clients, naming resolution for directory services, IP addressing scheme, TCP/IP version coexistence
  • Design for network access, Network access policies, remote access strategy, perimeter networks, server and domain isolation
  • Plan for application delivery. Application virtualization, presentation virtualization, locally installed software, Web-based applications
  • Plan for Remote Desktop Services. Terminal Services licensing, 
  • Designing core identity and access management components
  • Design Active Directory forests and domains. Forest structure, forest and domain functional levels, intra-organizational authorization and authentication, schema modifications
  • Design the Active Directory physical topology. Placement of servers, site and replication topology, printer location policies
  • Design the Active Directory administrative model. Delegation, group strategy, compliance auditing, group administration, organizational structure
  • Design the enterprise-level group policy strategy. Group policy hierarchy and scope filtering, control device installation, authentication and authorization
  • Plan for domain or forest migration, upgrade, and restructuring.
  • Design and implement public key infrastructure. Certificate services, PKI operations and maintenance, certificate life cycle management
  • Plan for interoperability. Inter-organizational authorization and authentication, application authentication interoperability, cross-platform interoperability
  • Design for software updates and compliance management. Patch management and patch management compliance,
  • Design the operating system virtualization strategy. Server consolidation, application compatibility, virtualization management, placement of servers