MCA(Masters in Computer Application)
MCA from Punjab Technical University (PTU)
Eligibility : Graduation in any stream or equival

Duration : 3 Years
Out of many fascinating career options, Master of Computer Application (MCA) attracts many aspiring students every year. It is a master degree course in computer that makes the students undergo extensive training of all important and useful computer related application software and hardware programs. This attractive career course is very popular among the people of the younger generation who are very much conscious and anxious about their career.

There are many private and government colleges and educational institutes that conduct this very demanding career course. Punjab Technical University (PTU), one of the most pioneering universities of India, conducts this course through many colleges that are affiliated to it.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration of Course:

Since it is a master degree course; therefore, any student with a graduation degree from any university can seek admission in this course under PTU. A student who has a BCA degree is also eligible for admission in this course. The duration of the MCA course is 3 years. However, a student can take maximum of 5 years to complete his course successfully.

Design and Syllabus of MCA:

These 3 years of the MCA course is divided into six semesters, each semester needs to be completed within six months. Each semester concludes with module examinations and viva-voce tests.

The syllabus of the MCA course is extremely vast as it covers all the aspects of computer training. It is believed to be the most authentic course related to computer training. The syllabus and the course ware are designed by a high level team of professional experts that works under the influence of the recommended guidelines of government of India. The course covers modules like C, C++, Communication and Soft Skills, System Analysis and design, RDBMS, Operating systems like LINUX and NT. This course is highly job oriented as the demand of successful MCA candidates always exists.

Syllabus of Distance Learning BCA from Punjab Technical University
Semester 1
Semester 2
  • MCA-101 Introduction to Information Technology
  • MCA-102 Programming in C
  • MCA-103 Accounting & Financial Mgmt
  • MCA-104 Computer Mathematical Foundation
  • MCA-105 System Analysis And Design
  • MCA-106 Communication & Soft Skills
  • MCA-107 Software Lab-I (IT)
  • MCA-108 Software Lab-II (C )
  • MCA-201 Management Information System
  • MCA-202 Object Oriented Programming Using C++
  • MCA-203 Data Communication & Networks
  • MCA-204 Principles of Management
  • MCA-205 Introduction to Micro Processor
  • MCA-206 Software Lab-III (C++)
  • MCA-206 Hardware Lab-I (Micro Processor)
Semester 3
Semester 4
  • MCA-301 Computer System Architecture
  • MCA-302 Data Structures
  • MCA-303 Visual Basic Programming
  • MCA-304 RDBMS-I
  • MCA-305 Computer Based Optimization Methods
  • MCA-306 Software Lab-IV (DS)
  • MCA-307 Software Lab-V (RDBMS-I)
  • MCA-401 RDBMS-II
  • MCA-402 Software Engineering
  • MCA-403 System Software
  • MCA-404 Operating System
  • MCA-405 Elective – I
  • MCA-406 Software Lab-VI (RDBMS)
  • MCA-407 Software Lab-VII (OS)(LINUX/NT)
Semester 5
Semester 6
  • MCA-501 Computer Graphics
  • MCA-502 Java Programming
  • MCA-503 Elective – II
  • MCA-504 Elective – III
  • MCA-505 Software Lab-VIII (Graphics)
  • MCA-506 Software Lab-IX (Java)
  • MCA-507 Comprehensive Viva Voce
  • MCA -601 Project
  • MCA-405-A : Artificial Intelligence
  • MCA-405-B : Robotics Engineering
  • MCA-405-C : Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • MCA-503-A : Internet Prog. & E-Commerce
  • MCA-503-B : Compiler Design
  • MCA-503-C : Visual Basic.NET
  • MCA-504-A : System Simulation And Modeling
  • MCA-504-B : Advanced Microprocessor Systems
  • MCA-504-C : Linux Operating System
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